Making Policies Work for People in Tanzania

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Welcome to our new website!

We hope you will find this site as a valuable resource tool which features recent news and extensive information about our activities and our network. We will be adding new content regularly so be sure to visit the site often.

Our Members

1. Introduction on the nature of membership

Membership is open to any non-governmental organization registered in Tanzania actively working to influence policy processes for increased poverty reduction, equity, and democratization.

Organizations join Policy Forum to :

1. share and access information on policy-related issues,
2. deepen and broaden understanding of policy-making processes,
3. effectively engage with policy processes through coordinated efforts,
4. achieve greater impact in their advocacy work through strengthened analysis and monitoring of the implications and effects of policies.

2. Member Profiles.

Profiles provided for registered network members, includes contact details and a short description of the organization and its main area of work. Roughly 100 words. From the database compiled by the interns

3. Membership Form.

A Policy forum Member is:

1. An NGO currently registered in Tanzania
2. Interested to engage effectively with policy processes to enhance the realization of rights and wellbeing of poor people
3. Committed to attend monthly PF meetings at Chief Executive or Head of Policy Level (attendance for those members not based in Dar es Salaam whenever possible but not required on a regular basis)
4. Committed to the principles articulated in the PF program strategy and in its Memorandum and Articles of Association

Application forms are available at our offices at 132 Magore Street,Upanga Dar-es-Salaam and also online. Please click (link) for an English application form and (link) for a Kiswahili application form (in PDF format).

All complete application forms will be considered by the Steering Committee at its next meeting following receipt of the application by the Secretariat.


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