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Regional Partners

Policy Forum strives to broaden active participation by civil society in policy processes as widely as possible across the country. In order to do this in a meaningful way, we aim to support the development and sustainability of similar like-minded networks in other regions. We currently maintain such a relationship with 2 such networks actively working to influence policy processes of relevance to their constituencies in Arusha and in Mwanza Regions. Below is a short summary of their work. Mwanza: Policy Initiative (MPI)


Mwanza Policy Initiative (MPI) is a forum that aims to provide an opportunity for Mwanza based CSOs to come together, learn about key policy processes and influence the implementation of Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRS) policies in Tanzania. Through this initiative, Mwanza based CSOs get the opportunity to be informed on various policy issues, conduct dialogues and debates, make follow-ups on different policy implementation processes, track budget systems and finally develop advocacy statements and approaches that will input into national level advocacy work. Through policy monitoring interventions, MPI is expected to generate lessons that will be applied to other regions and districts in Tanzania on how CSOs at local levels can influence and participate in policy processes, particularly the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP popularly known as MKUKUTA). So far MPI has 70 members including NGOs, CBOs, FBOs Academic and research institutions, trade unions and other district networks.


Mwanza Policy Initiative,

P. O. Box 27, Mwanza.

Tel. 28 2500489, Fax: 2500486,


Arusha: Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF)

TNRF is a collective civil society-based initiative to improve natural resource management in Tanzania by addressing fundamental issues of natural resource governance. We view the quality and equity of governance as fundamentally determining how natural resources are managed and how they support the livelihoods of Tanzanians and the sustainable economic development of the country.

- We work to improve accountability, transparency and local empowerment in natural resource management.

- We bring together a diverse range of stakeholders and interests to share information, build collaboration and pool resources towards a common aim of better and devolved natural resource management.

TNRF is a long term, innovative and adaptive process of advocacy and capacity-building, based on collaboration, consensus, and collective interests.


Tanzania Natural Resource Forum

P.O. Box 15605,

Arusha, Tanzania

Phone +255 755 022267



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